Maruyama Zoo Sapporo.

円山動物園 (札幌) Maruyama Zoo (Sapporo).

The greatest engaging point of Maruyama Zoo is to enjoy the “Good relationship with Animals”. Here are many chances for you to encounter energizing time with animals. For example, in the “Kid’s Zoo”, you can try to feed a squirrel, monkies, touching guinea pigs, rabbits or other little alluring ones. In “Kangaroo house” you can feel the “body contact” with wallabies or kangaroos. In front of the outdoor stage, you can meet the traditional art of manipulating birds of prey, (Takasho) falconer by yourself.

Sheeps are let loose around the Maruyama Zoo.
Sheeps are let loose around the Maruyama Zoo.
You can touch them while see them eating.
You can touch them while see them eating.

Other than the animals, the zoo offers you entertainment facilities too. “Perception Rest House” was built just beside “Monkey Mountain” with a decent perspective of monkeys acting vivacious, energetically in front of you. On the first floor, there are a few zones, for example, “PictureBooks-booth” and “Climbers’Wall”. You can also relax  on hammock serenely. On the second floor, there is a lounge for the visitors to take a rest and eat something.

Penguin Pool.
Penguin Pool.
Penguin strolling.
Penguin strolling.

Throughout all the year, Maruyama Zoo is open. In winter, the zoo offers something to enjoy here like snow festival, for example, to enjoy looking at Polar Bears relax on the snow, or how the tropical creatures are spending their cool season.

The tiger is eating whole chicken.
The tiger is eating the whole chicken.
These are one of the famous cute animal in Maruyama Zoo, the red Panda.
These are one of the famous cute animals in Maruyama Zoo, the red Panda.
Red Panda walk.
Red Panda walk.
Experience the Falcon free fly.
Experience the Falcon free fly.

for detail and schedule of the zoo event, please check the link below, as the event may change due to a certain condition.


円山動物園Maruyama Zoo.


Maruyama Doubutsuen website.


Miyagaoka 3-1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo


15min.walk from Maruyama koen Subway Sta. Exit No.3 or No.6.

Opening hour:

March – October: 9:30 – 16:30.
November – February: 9:30 – 16:00.

Closed on the Second and fourth Wednesday of every month.

*Other irregular closures in April and November.


Adults ¥600. Free admission for Elementary SchoolStudents or younger.


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