Susukino Sapporo

すすきの (札幌) Susukino (Sapporo) .

Susukino is the splendid red lights district in Sapporo and is the greatest one in northern Japan. Initially, it was a shady area of town, however, since the 1920s it turned into the locale of bars, eateries, bistros and silver screens. At that point by holding of Winter Olympic Games in 1972, some retail establishments and underground shopping center are assembled, so Susukino has turned out to be enormous downtown in Sapporo.

A very bustle Susukino street.
A very bustle Susukino street.

“Susukino” means “field of Japanese silver grass”, and this area was such place some time ago.

Shops are every where, as well as restaurant, cake shop, and cafe.
Shops are everywhere, as well as restaurants, cake shops, and cafes.

Fundamentally, Susukino Intersection is the focal point of the area. Around the crossing point, there are the stations of tram and the terminal of the streetcar. “Tanukikoji” toward the north of Susukino Intersection is an old shopping road with the arcade. It has numerous shops and eateries, and is one of the prominent roads in Sapporo, likewise the paradise of shopping and eat in.

Susukino Matsuri.
Susukino Matsuri.
You may meet some special event in Susukino.
You may meet some special event in Susukino.

I feel wow!! (゚0゚;)(;゚0゚)Japan! Japan! when I first enter to the Susukino region. I have been seeing similar street like this in the Japanese movie, now I can finally feel it(o^ ^o). The street is extremely bustle in the evening and is beautiful with the colorful light.




Susukino website. (Japanese)


Sapporo, Hokkaido, Susukino station.


5 minutes walk from the subway Odori Station, 1 minute walk from subway Nanboku-Toho Susukino Station.

Opening hour:

Vary on the shop.


You may want to shop and eat around here, the price is not very ideal though, but the quality is the best of the best.


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