20 Souvenirs in Hokkaido that you should try.

Thinking of Souvenirs in Hokkaido?

Planning to buy some souvenirs for your friends and Family when you are traveling in Hokkaido, Japan? Then I have some recommend for you, but only snacks, cookies, and cakes. They are easy to find, durable packing and with reasonable price.

Some of the souvenirs in this post are the Hokkaido limited products, which mean they are only available in Hokkaido, while some of them are region specialty, so, don’t miss it if you spot one of them during your travel, however, you can buywa it from Amazon too! Ironic huh?

1) Jaga Pokkuru.

2) Shiroi Koibito.

3) Meltykiss.

4) Royce Potato Chocorate.

5) Haskappu Jewelry.

6) YoitoMake.

7) KariKari Mada Aru?

8) Kibana.

9) Sanporoku.

10) Snaffle’s Cheese Omelet.

11) ChuChu Purin.

12) Marukan Yokan.

13) WakasaImo.

14) Sapporo Time Square.

15) White Black Thunder.

16) Marimo Yokan.

17) Ribbon Napolin.

18) Oh! Yaki Tokibi.

19) Jaga Imo KoroKoro.

20) Koisuru KumaGoron.

I saw some traveler buy their snack souvenirs box by box, and I always wonder how many types they bought, are they buy only one type? how they pack their luggage if they buy more? For my case, I will buy various type of souvenirs and pack them in a box, seal them and send them to the airport together with my luggage (JAL allow two 24kg luggage in single flight), anyway, share me some packing tips in the comment box or drop me some link 🙂 if you have any, thanks.

1) Jaga Pokkuru.

A box of Jaga Pokkuru.

This special snack is produced using 100% Hokkaido-grown tasty potatoes which are grown in a fresh atmosphere with huge differences in temperature between day and night. It is a snack from Hokkaido which people call it “Maboroshi no Okashi” which means English as “phantom Snack” due to the high demand and limitation of the product; Jaga Pokkuru is one of the hardest snacks to obtain in Japan.

Jaga Pokkuru is produced by the highest quality of potatoes. They are so many technical words appear when describe how to make the procedure of this wonderful snack, so I will just skip it (I don’t understand either). However, the taste and texture of this snack are top class, I bought it once but I am not going to buy it for the second time, it will break my pocket because I can’t stop myself from eating it.

Jaga Pokkuru website.

2) Shiroi Koibito.

Shiroi Koibito.

Shiroi Koibito is a European-style treat produced and sold by maker Ishiya in Sapporo, Hokkaido. It comprises of chocolate sandwiched between langue de chat.

There are two primary types: Shiroi Koibito White with white chocolate in the middle and Shiroi Koibito Black with milk chocolate in the middle. The package outline has a white and light blue base with an image of Rishiri Island’s Mount Rishiri arranged in the middle.

Shiroi Koibito means “White Lover” in English; as the name recommends, it uses white chocolate sandwiched in between butter biscuits.

A langue de chat is a French baked cookie with a light texture that easily melts in your mouth. The batter is made by blending the same amount of sugar and butter that have softened at room temperature and mixing in flour, egg white, and vanilla. The mixture is filled into square, thin molds and baked in the oven, then, the fresh Shiroi Koibito is ready.

If you buy the product outside Japan, the price could be three times than the normal price in Japan, so, don’t miss it if you are visiting Sapporo in Hokkaido. Other than the cookies, you can also try the Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Drink.

Shiroi Koibito Website. (Japanese)

3) Meiji Meltykiss.

Meiji Meltykiss rum and raisin.
Meiji Meltykiss rum and raisin chocolate bar.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to cross chocolate and a snowflake? Meiji’s Meltykiss could be the best answer. These little cubes of cocoa dusted chocolate ganache melt in your warm mouth just like a snowflake even in the 5°C temperature, allowing the rich chocolate flavors and aromas to roll on your tongue.

I was first intended to introduce you the Meiji Kinoko No Yama White Premium, but then I changed my mind. No doubt the Kinoko no Yama White Premium is the special product of Meiji in Hokkaido also the limited product in Hokkaido, however, Meiji Meltykiss is a product that only available in winter. With the longer winter period in Hokkaido, Meltykiss appear to be one of the best souvenirs of your choice to get due to its fancy packaging and reasonable price. Although the person who you are going to present may not able to feel the romantic deep winter as you do, but your feel and memory could be shared through this lovely souvenir.

I loved Meiji product since my first travel to Japan, I knew about this product from the Japan Television advertisement. I don’t bother it at first, but then I saw it every time during my strolling in a convenience store, where I looked for my dinner. There are Meiji chocolate bar, Takenoko No Sato, Kinoko No Yama, and so on. Until the day I bought a pack of Meiji chocolate bar (Meiji is the cheapest and alluring product I ever saw.) and a pack of Takenoko no Sato, I tasted it and I love it.

Meiji Seika is an old confectionery in Japan that has an exactly 100-year history until  the year of 2016 since the day it starts its business in 1916, Meiji has created a lot of sweet product such as candy, chocolate, and cookies. I haven’t tried their cookies and candy yet, because I always focus on the chocolate, because, talking about souvenirs, there is always chocolate, isn’t it?

Meiji Meltykiss product is available throughout the year but a certain version is only available in winter, don’t miss it if you spot one. By the way, don’t forget to keep this thing cold even it is sealed, the chocolate may melt inside the package, just like when I brought it back to the sunny hot Malaysia.

Meiji Website. (Japanese)

4)Royce Potatochip Chocorate.

Royce Potatochips chocolate.
Royce Potatochips chocolate.

From the Royce Chocolate Bar to their raw Nama Chocolate (Ganache) and Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, all these wonderful products makes Royce easily becomes one of Japan’s most beloved chocolateries.

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips are one of the famous items in Royce company. They offer a special marriage of sweetness from chocolate and saltiness from crunchy potato chips, which are half coated in creamy rich milk chocolate. The harmony of the sweet-smelling thick wavy potato chips with the easy melt in mouth deliciousness of milk chocolate is awesome.

Other than the original chocolate coating, the Royce Chocolate Potato also come with white chocolate, mild bitter chocolate, caramel chocolate and Fromage blanc (cheese) flavors. The Royce open stores mainly in Sapporo and different parts of Hokkaido. Customers from across Japan can also order its products online. However, most of the online shopping are selling this, including Amazon.

Royce Chocolate website.

5) Haskapp Jewelry.

Haskapp Jewelry.

Haskapp Jewelry highlights home-made jam and unique buttercream are sandwiched by delicious cookies and framed four sides with Couverture chocolate. Haskapps are berries of a local plant in Hokkaido, named honeyberry in the wiki.

Morimoto is a Japanese-Western sweet and bread maker in Chitose. Haskapp Jewelry is the best and longest selling item in Morimoto company since 1978 because of its ideal blend of the punchy sweet and sour flavor harmony with chocolate covered soft cookies, making this sweet treat so delicious and so soft until you can break it into half easily, without crumbling it.

Haskapp Jewelry is also available in Premium Black, which uses a premium quality dark cookie (available only at the main store, Daimaru Sapporo Store, and Airport Store), furthermore, the White cookies come with white chocolate frame like a layer of white snow (available only at the Airport Store).

Morimoto Website.

6) Yoitomake.


Yoitomake is a castella cake roll with an inner filling and hearty external garnish of haskapp sticky jam made by local berries picked in Hokkaido, it looks exactly same like a swiss roll. This roll cake made with honeyberry jam is one of Mitsuboshi’s top sell items.

The creators of Yoitomake proclaim that their sweet is Japan’s hardest to eat but delicious cake. The sweet castella cake and the sweet and sour jam cooperate perfectly.

The fragile castella is rolled into a log shape with the haskap jam inside, then the external layer is again coat with the haskap jam, finally the whole log is dust with a layer of sugar. In the event that you cut it or bite into it, the castella is very hard to break because the jam and sugar is the one which holds the shape, but before that, it is also hard to cut. That is the reason it’s said it is difficult to eat.

The Yoitomake used to sell in whole log without cut, due to some of the comment from the consumer about they are having hard time when dividing it. However, they now selling it pre-cut. Since it’s fine at room temperature, you can take it home as a gift without a problem. You can get it in the Tomakomai stores, souvenirs stores, and Shin-Chitose Airport.

Mitsuboshi Website. (Japanese)

7) Karikari Mada Aru ?

KariKari Mada Aru?
KariKari Mada Aru?

KariKari MadaAru is a Hokkaido stick type Senpei made by the real restaurant, the real chef and the real recipe from an outstanding Sapporo Curry house Yoshimi, the taste, flavor, and texture are particularly delicate and this snack is a brand new image of the traditional Japan rice cracker-Senpei.

This snack just tastes like the Sapporo special region gourmet – the soup curry, no doubt it is a must buy Sapporo Souvenirs and also a popular gift from Sapporo. The name of the snack literally translated as “Do you still have crispy one?”. Same as the name, once you tasted this delicious snack, you can’t stop yourself until you finish the whole pack, this snack is better than the curry flavor twisties in my place.

Yoshimi Website.

8) Kibana.

Kibana is the fame of Tsuboya, it is an almond galette and white chocolate sandwich-style sweet that was created in 1982 and has over and over won the Monde Selection Grand Gold Award. cherished by Asahikawa local people as well as by everyone who tries it, so you can make sure it will make incredible souvenirs.

As I specified, Kibana is the primary product of Tsuboya, in spite of the Kibana, Tsuboya also works for other snacks, treats, cakes, and different sweet, they are an old and taste promising product, check out for more on their website, so you can have a look once you reach Chitose Airport of Hokkaido.

Kibana Website.

9) Sanporoku.

Matcha Sanporoku.
Matcha Sanporoku.

Sanporoku, a german-style Baumkuchen cake appear to be a white birch log with milk chocolate and a white chocolate coating. The ingredients, for example, red beans, milk, butter, sugar and eggs of the desserts are all delivered in Tokachi district and other region in Hokkaido, guaranteeing its quality and freshness. Sanporoku is proud with its softer, moister version of Baumkuchen thanks to its exclusive recipe that recipe that locks in the flavor of its ingredients.

Sanporoku has been loved for around 40 years, brought by Ryugetsu, the quality sweet producer situated in Obihiro in Hokkaido with stores all around the nation. In 1988, Sanporoku won a gold medal at the 27th Sweets and Snacks Expo Monde Selection, spreading the name of Obihiro’s renowned desserts from Hokkaido to the world and receiving wide-achieving recognition in Europe.

The Sanporoku accompanies different flavor, for example, chocolate, white chocolate, and others, the one I suggest here is the Matcha flavor, it could be the best picture of the Japanese souvenirs.

Ryugetsu website.

10) Snaffle’s Cheese Omelet.

Snaffle's Cheese Omelet.
Snaffle’s Cheese Omelet.

The shop’s souffle-type cheese omelet cake, also known as catch cake has a light and breezy surface with a melt in your mouth texture, is highly recommended. The cheese omelet is never frozen as it is freshly delivered to stores daily to guarantee its promising taste consistent every day.

Notwithstanding Cheese Omelet, the Snaffles also offers Steamed Chocolate Bread, featuring an incredible cocoa taste, and Maple Omelet, which uses maple syrup which containing an abundance of minerals.

Try not to miss it while you visit Hokkaido, I was expected to say this is a Hokkaido limited souvenirs, however, the Snaffles has developed until it shows up in Singapore, so it has turned into an item that simple to reach and the quality is still top class.

Snaffle’s Website.

11) Teshio ChuChu Purin.

ChuChu pudding in bottle.
ChuChu pudding in bottle.

This poor pudding always ignored by people due to its mayonnaise bottle like appearance, in addition, the place to buy this ChuChu pudding is limited, the rumors said that it only appear in Teshio town in Hokkaido.

The Chuchu Pudding is manufactured and sold by the Teshio Onsen Yubae, excellence by utilizing fresh quality eggs and milk, fill in the hand grip size mayonnaise like bottle. It was first to design for the guest who has just finish bathed in the onsen, enjoy a sweet pudding easily after a sweat, sucking the bottle while naked, just like the Pudding character at the ChuChu Pudding bottle.

Teshio Cho seems like less famous to foreigners, so I am going to take a chance to give it an introduction here, hope you will like it, by the way, this ChuChu Purin is available in this region although you can find Sapporo or other city, but the chance is rare.

Teshio Yubae Onsen. (Japanese)


12) Gokatteya Yokan.

Gokatteya Yokan.
Gokatteya Yokan.

Marukan Yokan is one of the Southern Hokkaido’s most popular souvenirs products due to its sweetness and texture which are interesting as Japanese desserts. Also, the dessert itself has survived throughout many times of economic crisis, hence, making itself great as souvenirs.

Gokatteya Yokan, which is packed in a round container, is made with a secret recipe since a long time ago and made on the back of numerous hardships of uncountable generations. Indeed, even today their products allow you to take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy the exact same traditional flavors of a Japanese confection from a bygone era.

This well known red bean jelly (Yokan), which you push out from the back of the container and cut off the amount you would like to eat with the attached string, was proposed as a way to prevent your fingers getting sticky.

The Yokan is created by the finest quality Kintoki azuki beans which are grown in Tokachi, Hokkaido. The taste and nature of Gokatteya Yokan have Yokan has become legendary ever since it was presented to the Emperor of Japan as souvenirs from his visit to Hakodate in 1936.

Gokatteya Website. (Japanese)

13) Toyako Wakasaimo.

Wakasa Imo.
Wakasa Imo.

Wakasaimo is a baked confection made by mashed peas and beans to taste like baked potatoes more like potatoes than potatoes. Warm and plump mashed peas and beans are wrapped in a thin skin of dough and baked to the same texture and consistency as baked yams.

This particular product replicates the taste of baked yams that were likely eaten by the first settlers in their hometowns because yams cannot be grown in Hokkaido. This is why Wakasaimo is beloved as a sweet that tells of a historical era.

Wakasaimo is one of the Hokkaido’s popular souvenirs which thrive around the Toyako region. Toyako is in southwestern of Hokkaido. You can purchase them at a price of 1,296 yen for 12 pieces. They can last for 10 days as long as you keeping them cold.

Wakasa Imo Honpo Website. The video below is not the original Wakasa Imo, but is a Wakasaimo Great Manju from Wakasa Imo Honpo, try it while you are going to buy some Wakasa Imo.

14) Sapporo Times Square.

Sapporo Time square.
Sapporo Time square.

Sapporo Times Square is a Puffy Softy Smoothy Round Steamed Sponge cake stuffed with custard cream, created by Kakasha Company along with local ingredients from Hokkaido.

There are many flavors to choose from, such as original, azuki (sweet bean paste), strawberry and chocolate, green tea and Shiro Kuma (polar bear) flavor. Each flavor offers a unique, delectable experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Kakasha website.

15) White Black Thunder.

White Black Thunder.
White Black Thunder.

Black Thunder is a chocolate bar made and sold in Japan by the Yuraku Confectionery Company. It contains a cocoa-flavored cookies bar blended with Japanese-style rice puffs, covered with chocolate. On the other hand, the white dark thunder is using white chocolate for its external coating, introduce a higher level of sweetness and richness, just like a luxurious sweet treat.

The first black thunder has been adored for more than 20 years and it can be purchased at convenient stores in Japan. Then again, “Shiroi Black Thunder” is only available in Hokkaido. It is made with white chocolate, imaging the white snow in Hokkaido.

“Delicious in a blaze of lightning!” is the main advertising slogan on the package, keep it chill before eating and keep it chill while putting away.

Yuraku Website. For those who is not familiar with Black Thunder, see this video, white thunder video is not available since it is only available in Hokkaido.

16) Marimo Yokan.

Marimo Yokan.
Marimo Yokan.

“Marimo Yokan” is one of the popular Japanese souvenirs in Hokkaido. Excellent sweets sold in Akanko Hot Springs, Kushiro City. The round-shaped green yokan is the image of Akanko’s natural treasure, Marimo algae. It is a green color,  but not use powder green tea, however, the green color comes by the eatable coloring, the Yokan itself is made by sweet soy bean paste.

Marimo is a special algae that grows in Lake Akan in eastern Hokkaido. The Algae grows in rather charming, perfectly round green balls. The round algae could grow into a soccer ball size. These strange little algae are designated as a Japanese Natural National Treasure which helps protect it and the lake it grows in.

AkanKo Website.

17) Ribbon Napolin.

Ribbon Napolin.
Ribbon Napolin by Pokka Sapporo.

When talking about the Hokkaido special local drinks, the “Garana” will float on our mind as well as local Hokkaido, However, there is another unforgettable famous drink in Hokkaido too and it has 100 years history. Sometimes, there is a terrible rumor about this drink that people said that a worm essence is used to produce the Ribbon Napolin–The orange color soda created by Pokka Sapporo.

Together with the Sapporo Ribbon Citron, Ribbon Napolin is a 500ml orange color cider, also known as an orange flavor champagne, no doubt it contains high level of gas than normal soda drinks such as coke, and this Ribbon Napolin has been supported and loved by local folks since old days. Lastly, it doesn’t contain any orange inside.

So, is it real that the orange color drinks have resulted by the worm essence? No! definitely not! the orange color results by the extract from a cactus, hence it is a natural coloring and unharmed to our health, so you can drink this without worry.

Pokka Sapporo Website.

18) OH! Yaki Toukibi.

Oh YakiTokibi by Yoshimi.
Oh YakiTokibi by Yoshimi.

Same as the KariKari Mada Aru? which I mentioned earlier, this corn cracker is also created by the real restaurant, the real chef, and the real recipe, by Yoshimi.

The Sapporo Okaki Oh! Yaki Tokibi is a cracker that represents the taste of the barbecued corn Wagons in Sapporo’s Odori Park, which have boomed in the summer. This cracker appears to be the exact flavor of the barbecued corn from the Yakitokibi truck and also features the aromatic flavor of the special soy sauce used on the baked corn, as well as the sweetness and crunchy texture of all natural dried corn kernels.

It is easy to hold, easy to bring, and easy to share, make you the best reason to buy it as souvenirs.

Yoshimi Website.

19) Jaga Imo korokoro.

Speaking of Hokkaido Souvenirs, “Shiroi Koibito” and “Jaga Pokkuru” will always first pop up in our mind, In addition, there are various types of snacks and souvenirs appear every year until you lost yourself in your mind and know not what to buy, which has made the souvenirs market become a significant battleground.

Meanwhile, I saw this product on the TV where I stayed during my travel to Sapporo, noticed it, bought it, and gave it a try. Jagaimo KoroKoro mean “Spinning potato” in English, this is a rice cracker made by grinding whole high-quality potatoes from Hokkaido, with the rich flavor of potato and just well salty seasoning, make this snack become addictive.

Jagaimo KoroKoro by Hori company is a snack that you would like to eat at any occasion, as for me it is the best snack for a blogger like me, it helps me stick at my table for a long time without wandering around, no doubt it is a snack suit a biter like me. Furthermore, it is not just a snack that could only enjoy with your screen (soccer?) you can also enjoy it with your lovely beer, and also show off at your party, sure you will surprise your friend.

The Jagaimo KoroKoro is coming with various flavor from mountain wasabi, chili, garlic, cheese, and grill corn taste, they might other taste and I may miss it, visit Hori for more wonderful product.

Hori Website. (Japanese)

20) Koisuru KumaGoron.

Koisuru Kumagoron.
Koisuru Kumagoron.

Koisuru KumaGoron is a Shiretoko cute small animal fluffy baked donut which is only available in New Chitose airport, yes! You can find only Shiretoko donut in Shiretoko but not this, if you want this, you have to buy it on the second floor of New Chitose airport.

This is a very popular Souvenirs among locals in the series of Shiretoko Donut, if you want to buy something cute and delicious, this is the best of my recommendation. This cute mini donut comes in a tin, about 7 pieces in the well decorated lovely tin. there are a pig, panda, bear, pink bear, and sometimes tiger face on the donuts (all are round body animals?).

Kumagoron is appeared after and story in 2012, a baby panda born at Ueno zoo dies of pneumonia and left a hole in everyone’s heart. That’s why Shiretoko factory began to put a cute baby panda face in the holes of each donut. They’re handmade so each one of them has a slightly different expression.

Shiretoko Factory website.

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