Marchen Crossroad & Orgel Hall.

メルヘン交差点&オルゴール堂 (小樽) Marchen Crossroad & Orgel Hall (Otaru).

Marchen Crossroad & Orgel Hall are famous travel spots in Otaru. Marchen Crossroad (Meruhen Kousaten) also known as Sakai Kousaten, is located in the SakaiMachi between JR Otaru and Minami Otaru. You will never miss them when you are walking around these JR Stations because the crowd will lead you there. (There are many travel groups around here.)

Marchen Crossroad & Orgel hall. Letao Carillion clock tower at beyond.

メルヘン交差点 Marchen Crossroad.

The Marchen Crossroad is rich with other attractions, general shop, cafe, cake shop, and some restaurants. The place itself also comes with various objects for you to see and take pictures.

Around the Marchen Crossroad, Joyatou at left and the Orgel Hall at the middle.
  • Joyatou (常夜灯) (Wooden nightlight), at the middle of the crossroad.
  • The steam clock in front of the Orgel Hall. It is said that the clock is similar to the steam clock in Vancouver, Canada. The clock is the second generation, and it will release steam and sound in every 15 minutes.
  • Le Tao Carillon clock tower will sound in every one hour.
  • Kaleidoscope Gallery (it is sad, inside the Kaleidoscope Gallery is not allowed to take pictures).
The street connects to the Marchen Crossroad.
Le Tao Carollion Clock tower. Le Tao Cake shop is at the bottom.
Kaleidoscope Gallery, free admission.
The steam clock in front of the Orgel Hall, will sound and release steam in every 15 minutes.
Another Orgel workshops next to the Orgel Hall.

Starting from the Marchen Crossroad, you will see a lot of old western building and brick house. They are now being used for Gallery, Museum, Hotel, and sometimes a restaurant. Some of them are being used as a candle house, and sometimes, general store or doll house.

Oh! Otaru is like this.

オルゴール堂 Orgel Hall (Music Box).

Orgel Hall in the Marchen Kousaten is a must see destination.

Located in the street of nostalgic, in an old building that used to be a rice warehouse. Orgel Hall is a place where you can experience the touching moment of music. Slow, relax, and lovely orgel music is filled in the building. The light, and crystal, fancy orgel will make you feel that the world is beautiful.

It is a place fill with lovely music, pretty music boxes, and relax ambiance.
Various Orgels available for you to choose from. Here is tax-free if you purchase more than 5000Yen (If not mistaken).

The music Box hall is an old building.

The orgel hall is open since 1912, while the hall was being built in 1891. The building is old while the goods are fancy, I just feel “wonderful” when I stepped into this, Orgel Hall.

Hello Kitty!, there are goods only for display.
I bought the sleeping Maneki Neko ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ. They all look same, but they comes with different music.
Even the dolls are orgel, it comes with a coil spring. you can wind them up and release the music.

The Hall is divided into 2 floors, both floors are arranged with various Orgels, from typical until fancy, from common until luxury, from small to big, and from pretty to cute!? The second floor mainly displays the old historical orgel. You will feel the second floor is just like a museum, the oldest orgel, the first Orgel in the world and so on.

Way to the second floor.
most of the goods are display on the second floor, together with large size orgels.
The end part of the second floor is designed as a museum. You can also add your special music to the orgel here (extra fee apply).

When you are here in Otaru, be sure to visit the Orgel Hall. I feeling lucky when I first came to Hokkaido.



メルヘン交差点&オルゴール堂 (小樽) Marchen Crossroad & Orgel
Hall (Otaru).


Orgel Doh Website.

Phone: 0134-22-1108


4-1 Sumiyoshichō, 住吉町 Otaru-shi, Hokkaido 047-0015, Japan


5 minutes on foot from JR Minami Otaru station.


15 minutes on foot from JR Otaru Station.


Open every day from 09:00~18:00.

Friday, Saturday from 09:00~19:00 (Summer only).


Free admission.

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