Onze Harukayama Lily Park.

オーンズ春香山ゆり園 (小樽) Onze Harukayama Lily Park (Otaru).

Onze Harukayama Lily Park is located in the east part of Otaru, in the Haruka Town. It is a place where you can enjoy the largest Lily park in Hokkaido. With more than 55 types of Lily and more than 2000000 Lilies grown on the Harukayama hill. The Lily are available for sale too in this location.

Onze Harukayama Lily Park is one of the best summer destinations in Otaru.

This place is one of the famous skiing areas in Hokkaido, while it is covered by lilies beautifully in Summer. You can enjoy the vast ocean, clear sky, gentle breeze, and the most important, the Lily ocean! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و. On top of the sloppy hill, you can see the Sea of Japan, Mashike Mountain, and the hill of Lily, with the Haruka town at far.

During Winter Harukayama.

Best visit during Summer.

The Onze Harukayama Lily Park will open only from the end of July until the middle of August, which is less than a month every year. The route on the hill is nicely prepared so you can hike on it. It is about 1100 meters to the top and it takes about 30 to 40 minutes walk, plus the time of taking photos and so, it may take longer. It is good to visit here with sneaker as you will walk a lot here, especially during descending.

The period to visit the lily park is less than a month.
The sloppy hill is covered by more than 55 types of Lily and more than 2000000 Lilies.
The way to the top and descend are separated.
You can enjoy watching the flower ocean with the “escalator”.
On top of the park, there are cafe and observation deck.
The Sky, The sea, the town, and the flower ocean.

Lift service in the park for both moving up and down the hill, 520Yen per adult, 310Yen for a child. A cafe on top of the hill, you can enjoy “Lily” cuisine at here such as Lily ice cream, Yuri rice bowl, soba, and so on. A series of Lily souvenir also sold here.

You can also walk in the lily field.
Try to bring your own water, will feel thirsty after a long walk.
Almost to the goal.
Lilies for Sale.
A lot of lilies for sale!

Come back during winter.

Harukayama cherished by locals for many years, come back during winter for the Ski venue. The entrance fee is free if your birthday is within the open park period.

Winter Onze Harukayama.
Ski on the Silver land with blue sky and blue ocean.


オーンズ春香山ゆり園 (小樽) Onze Harukayama Lily Park (Otaru).


Onze Harukayama Lily Park Website.

Phone: 0134-62-2228


Japan, 047-0265 Hokkaido, Otaru-shi, Harukacho, 春香町357


Free shuttle bus operates between JR Zenybako station and the Lily garden during the season, click here for the 2016 schedule. (Japanese)


It is about 40 minutes per bus starting from 08:50  until 15:10 for the morning section. (About 10~15 minutes ride)

Opening hour:

The Lily park will open each year from July until August.

The park open from the 2nd of July until 28th of August in 2016.


Open every day during the season from 09:00~17:00.



800Yen for an adult.

300Yen for a child.

450Yen for a handicapped adult.

150Yen for a handicapped child.

Free if your name comes with Yuri(ゆり).

Free if your birthday is on the season period.

Free if you are the resident of Harukacho.

Click here for the lift fare.


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