Otaru Former Temiyasen.

小樽 旧手宮線 (小樽) Otaru Former Temiyasen (Otaru).

Otaru Former Temiyasen is the first and oldest railway in Hokkaido, the third in Japan. The railway was designed to transport coal and others underground resource to the Otaru port, built in the Meiji Era 13 (1880). At that time, the Hokkaido railway construction method is following the American construction technology, even the steam locomotive (SL) was imported from America.

Otaru Former Temiyasen.
people are visiting this special railway backyard.
About three streets long.

Old Temiyasen is a railway ruin site in the Otaru city today, between the JR Otaru and JR Minami Otaru station. It is a place filled with important meaning in the development history of Hokkaido. However, it ended up became a form of a waste line with the flow of times. After finished its long contribution from the year 1880 until 1985.

Cherished by both locals and foreigner.
The railroad continued.

The railroad ruin site is open for everyone to walk freely, together with the historical memory.

Old Temiyasen daily.

Satisfied your visit in Former Temiya railway.

You may not feel special of the old railroad, however, it is already a park like an area cherished by locals for many years. There are several events held through the railroad, drop by here if you are visiting around these days.

小樽がらす市 Otaru Glass Market:

Leading by the Glass workshop in Otaru city. Glass workshops over Japan will gather here to exhibit and selling their fine products. You can enjoy watching how the glass masters produce their product or experience how the pretty glasses were made. Go through the whole exhibition in the Old Temiyasen, you will feel the charm of the pretty glasses and the proud of the crafter.

Glass wind bells tunnel at Temiyasen.
Various glass handicrafts were sold here.
Pretty wind bells for sale.

The glass market is available during the Ushio Matsuri in Summer and the Otaru Yuki No Akari Michi in Winter.

小樽鉄路写真展 Otaru Railroad Gallery:

Otaru Tetsuro Shashinten is an outdoor gallery at the end of Summer. During these days (about two weeks), you can enjoy watching photos around here. The photos are taken by local students, residents, pro cameraman, and also who interested in Photos. The gallery is handmade by the participants in the event, so you may enjoy the personal creative through the old railroad.

Otaru railroad gallery.
It is an outdoor gallery with a lot of photos. exhibited by locals.
There are people who love to see photos. here is one of the best place to see.
Otaru Temiyasen railroad gallery is an event saying goodbye to summer.

The gallery is open 24 hours every day during the event. Light up is available during midnight. Click here for the event date and more information.

小樽雪明かりの道 Otaru Yuki Akari NoMichi:

One of the famous snow festivals held in February in Hokkaido. The Snow Light Path Festival is a winter inOtaru, available in every February. This event is run by the nongovernment organization of Otaru and volunteer from the world such as Korea, Taiwan, and others, thus the festival is filled with the “warmth” of people.

Click here for the Otaru Yuki Akari No Michi post.

Otaru light up path 2016
Yukiakarino Michi Temiya kaijo.


小樽 旧手宮線 (小樽) Otaru Old Temiyasen (Otaru).


Otaru Old Temiya railroad website (Japanese).

Otaru Glass City (Japanese).

Otaru Railroad Gallery (Japanese).

Phone: 0134-32-3963


047-0031, 1 Chome-15-14 Ironai, Otaru, Hokkaido Prefecture 047-0031, Japan


About 6 minutes on foot from JR Otaru station.

Opening hour:

Open daily 24 hours.

Otaru Glass City will available together with the Ushio Matsuri, and the Yuki Akari No Michi.


Free admission.

Luggage Sets on Sale  

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