Kamaei No Kamaboko.

かま栄のかまぼこ (小樽) Kamaei No Kamaboko (Otaru).

Have you ever have a bread roll? What is the bread roll in your mind now? soft roll? hard roll? butter roll? or chocolate roll? At here, I am going to share a real different bread roll in Otaru. Kamaei No Kamaboko is a Kamaboko maker in Hokkaido.

Kamaei offering you the freshest Kamaboko on land.
I am lucky. the queue is not long yet.
the shop has seats for you.

Kamaei has invented a different style of Kamaboko if compare to the traditional Kamaboko in Japan. With various shape and taste, the shop has won its good reputation in Hokkaido. Talking about the Kamaboko of Kamaei, it is another Hokkaido limited soul food. Yes, is Hokkaido limited which you can only found in the certain region of Hokkaido.

Staff is frying bread rolls behind the wall. Showcase seems “delicious”ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゙.
The shop also selling various Hokkaido souvenirs such as Jaga pokkuru, Karikari Madaaru, Royce, and so on.

Freshest on earth.

No delivery to any other shop or place, Kamaei make its own Kamaboko in the shop and sell in the shop. When you visit Kamaei in Hotaru, the Kamaboko factory is open to everyone and you can see how the Kamabokos are made. The shop itself also appear as a cafe, where you can enjoy the just fried Kamaboko and free drinks, or order a cup of coffee.

Bread Roll in Kamaei.

Alright, back to the bread roll I mentioned before, it is also the product which I want to recommend for you. The bread roll from Kamaei is the fried bread wrapped with surimi (fish paste). The surimi is the combination of Cod fish, pork, spring onion, seasoned with pepper and other seasonings.  With all these delicious flavors, the kamaboko can be enjoyed as is, without added sauce or flavoring.

This is the bread roll! only 216 Yen for each ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ. As big as my palm.

The deep fried bread roll is crispy at its surface while chewy at its center. I guess you all know how a well-fried bread smell like, is alluring right? The bread roll is steamed before deep fried, so it won’t taste greasy. It is good to eat while walking around the Otaru city, or you can enjoy it with a coffee in the cafe.

Varieties of just fried Kamaboko, Oishii desuyo~d(´∀`*)

Other than the bread roll, you can also find the classic “Hiraten”(flat deep fried kamaboko), “Kamaboko” (Steam fish cake), and others. Kamaei offering you various type of Kamaboko in both just cooked and packaged. You might have to feel difficult to make your choice to pick one when you look at the Kamaei’s Kamaboko case.

The factory is open for everyone to visit freely, as long as the production is still running.
Boards are around the wall showing you how the Kamaboko was made.

How the factory looks like.

Why don’t you drop by this Kamaboko house to enjoy this Hokkaido limited gourmet when you are visiting Otaru. It is near to the Marchen crossroad and Otaru Unga.

Kamaei’s shops are available in Sapporo, Chitose airport, Obihiro, and Asahikawa. Visit their website for more outlet.


かま栄のかまぼこ (小樽)
Kamaei No Kamaboko (Otaru).


Kamaei No Kamaboko website.

Phone : 0134-25-5802


3-7 Sakaimachi,堺町 Otaru-shi, Hokkaidō 047-0027, Japan


15 minutes on foot from JR Otaru Station.

10 minutes on foot from Marchen crossroad.

5 minutes on foot from Otaru Canal.



Open daily from 09:00~19:00

Closed on New Year.


Free admission.

Luggage Sets on Sale!  

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