Asari Dam.

朝里ダム(小樽) Asari Dam (Otaru).

Asari Dam in Otaru is one of the multipurpose Dam in Hokkaido. Works as a flood guardian and as a water supply to Otaru city. It is a heavy style concrete Dam with height 73.9 meters and 390 meters long on top of the Dam. With an auxiliary spillway attached to the Dam, it forms another wonder view together with the Lake Otarunai. The Lake Otarunai is an artificial lake and is also a red leafs travel spot during Autumn.

Welcome to Asari Dam.
If you visit by car, you have to park your car on the loop bridge. Then take a walk to the park or to the top of the Dam.
Will someone take this photo? The Dam water spillway.

There is a loop bridge before the Asari Dam from the Asari Onsen Street, known as sky loop in Wiki. It is best to have a day trip to Asari Dam from Otaru city or stay a night in the luxury hotel in Asari Onsen street. The Asari Dam is best to visit with a car because the public transport to the Dam is harsh and will take a lot of walking. If you take a bus to the Dam, you will need to take a ride with the “Asarigawa Onsen” (朝里川温泉) bus and hop off at the last bus stop. Then take a walk 30 minutes to the Dam.

On top of the Dam, 400 meters long walkway, with benches.
Lakeside park and the memorial hall is behind the dam.
Take a look back to the Dam. Summer Sunny day with mirror lake.

Visit this place in the different season.

There is a lakeside park, tennis court, and memorial hall. Asari Dam is a place where you can enjoy a fantastic view with family and friends. It is also a place to kill some time. The lake will appear as a clear mirror during Summer sunny day. While the red leaf will take over the beauty lake mirror in Autumn. Come back during winter to have a nice ski in the Asarigawa Hot Spring Ski Area.

If you visit during Autumn, the mountain is cover with fall foliage.
The fall foliage will take over the mirror lake. Sorry, the weather is a bit sorry…
Alright back to the Sky Loop! This is how it looks during Summer Sunny day.
This is Autumn.


朝里ダム (小樽) Asari Dam (Otaru).


Jalan Asari Dam website (Japanese).


Phone: 0134-52-0241


047-0154, 2 Chome Asarigawaonsen, Otaru, Hokkaido Prefecture 047-0154, Japan


30 minutes drive from Otaru City.


Dam memorial hall open daily from 10:00~16:00.


Closed during winter: November ~ April.


Free admission.

Luggage Sets on Sale!  

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