What is Insurer, Insured, Proposer, and Beneficiary?

What is Insurer, insured, proposer, and beneficiary?

In the Case of:

Yoko has been planning a suitable insurance contract according to his own needs. However, she doesn’t know what is the terms of “insurer”, “proposer”, “insured”, and the “beneficiary”. And what are the roles act in the insurance contract?


We can often found these terms in a general life insurance contract. But in fact, the dealing of the contract is only between the insurer and the proposer. “Insured” and “Beneficiaries” are referred to as those of the insurance contract, that is, they are not directly involved in the signing of the insurance contract, only because of the occurrence of an insurance accident or because of insurance accident occurred. The insurer has the right to claim damages.

If Yoko intends to buy herself a personal insurance, then she will be the proposer and also the insured. As for the beneficiary, she can decide for herself or other people such as her family or boyfriend. If Yoko is buying her father an insurance, then she will be the proposer and her father will be the insured. However, regardless of Yoko’s identity is the insurance contract proposer or the insured person, She should fully understand her rights and obligation in accordance with the law or insurance contract in order to fully enjoy the insurance system of protection.

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