Illegal Beer

Illicit Beer is an alcoholic beverage that is illicitly produced, distributed, or sold. However, there is a town, folks were making their own wine or beer at home with their own private recipe, for their own drinks. A pub in a town do the same thing, offer his guess a cup or two to share his product, and of course, the pub owner sells his homemade beer secretly. The price is cheap because no tax added, the taste of the beer is very unique, its aroma could overflow one’s nostril, and is very mellow. People say that it is the best in the world, if you enjoy it slowly, you will feel as if you have got everything you wanted, could not withstand the fascination and love it once tried.

The pub

When the pub owner starts to sell his homemade beer, people love it and created a good reputation after a short time, the wine has drawn many buyers, of who there are many noble man and elegant one. The buyers bought a lot of his beer, gallon by gallon, and soon he runs out of stock, and he will always run out of stock as the increase of the numbers of buyers. The pub business is booming rapidly until it monopoly the beer market and it also drew a number of treacherous villains, who feel jealous about the pub business. Furthermore, the bustle pub business also attracted a few large enterprises who are willing to buy his beer recipe with a high price, but the owner just won’t sell his recipe no matter what.

The recipe buyer

“Damn it! those jerks send me to talk about the acquisition with the old man again!” Pecky cursed angrily. This is the 9th times that his company sent him to purchase the recipe and also negotiation, and of course, he doesn’t get the contract yet as mention before, this is his 9th try.

Clearing his mind and hidden his dissatisfied face back under the skin, raise his lips to act like a smile then knock knock knock on the pub door. The door creak and opened a gap as Pecky knock the door, surprise him that the door is left unlock and paused him a second, the wind blow through the door gap and push it opened further with another creak. the pub doesn’t open for business, for now, the shop itself is dark and quiet inside even during day light, showing its death like creepiness. Pecky step inside with another greet, “Hello anyone there? Mr. Louis~~! is me, Pecky.” Pecky stood at the entrance to the dark side, bending his neck and looking around the dark pub while greetings.

“Oh, I’m coming.” A sudden reply from the dark, shocked Pecky who is standing under the light. “Ah is you again.” The pub owner not surprise.

“I guess you come for the same thing right, come, come inside, it is cold outside, hehe, you have the gut, you come even during winter.” Mr. Louis’s pale face expose to the light at first while his body is still in the dark, forming a scene like a floating head on the air in darkness, smile at Pecky and gesture him to come in.

However Pecky feel a little bit of fear with the sudden appear of Mr. Louis’s head along with his voice. “cough, cough, hmm, Mr. Louis, how do you do, thanks for letting me come inside, I wish you could spare some time to listen to the new plan that our company would offer if you are willing to sell the secret recipe.” Pecky smile while explaining his purpose of this time.

Louis the pub owner

Mr. Louis doesn’t answer, he grabbed a bottle of beer that he made secretly and open its cap. A burst of unique smell filled the environment as long as the cap is removed, enough to drunk and hook someone’s soul if just smell it, not dare to tell if drink it. It smells so good and the level is out of Pecky expectation, this is the first time that the pub owner shows him his wine.

Louis looks at Pecky with a smile, then pour a glass of his private beer and hand over to Pecky, “taste it.” while asking Pecky to do so.

Pecky look at the glass of wine for a moment, swallowed hard then receive the glass and drain the cup with one gulp. “Oh, My!! this is incredible.” Pecky enjoyed it very much, his eyes squint and begin to murmur like he is in heaven.

“Hohoho.” Louis laughed while looking at Pecky who loss himself in the beer.

A moment later, Pecky back to his conscious like he just awaked from his dream, and speak vehemently:” Look, Mr. Louis, our company really wishes to work with you, not only buying your recipe, we are an international company, we sure will introduce your beer to oversea, as long as you agreed, our offer will sure satisfy you.” Pecky speak with a face of serious and is excited, perhaps he has been becoming a slave of the wine already.

“Pecky, you know I don’t sell my recipe no matter what, it is not your problem or your company, this wine is our family business and we don’t show our recipe to others, go home Pecky, is useless for you to stay any longer,” Louis replied firmly.

“Oh come on boss, I beg you, consider it, we will pay you no matter how much you want, money is not the problem,” Pecky begged he know that his manager will piss off if he failed this time.

“well, I will tell you back that the money is not a problem for me too, no matter what you offer, I just won’t sell it, now go home and try another client.” Louis waved his hand and gesture Pecky to leave.

Pecky become upset when he heard the 9th rejection, stood up suddenly while knocking off his chair behind his knee pit. ” Hey! Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way? You know our company right? We could chuck you out of this town anytime with our company strength. If you ask for this, don’t blame me then.” Pecky shout at Louis angrily.

“Huh, you scare me? I tell you I am not buying this and I warn you don’t mess with me!” Louis stares at Pecky ferociously and returns a shout, then Louis stares at Pecky ferociously and return a shout, then pointing at the pub entrance with his forefinger. “leave please!” Louis commanded.

Pecky return a glare to the pub owner then turn around and walk away like stomp away, leaving the pub angrily.

Sneak into the pub

Silent night, scattered star, pale white moon, and chilly wind. Pecky is sneaking into the pub after its service hour, late at dawn, creep like a cat while searching for the brewing room and attempt to see how and what Louis use for his brewery.

Pecky become frustrated after few minutes search because he couldn’t find the place he is up for, the pub is so quiet until he could hear his own breath, then a “clang!” , like a metal knocking sound from beyond. Pecky straighten up his ear to hear the metal clanging, groping in the dark to approach to the source of sound which soon lead him to the pub kitchen.

“Oh, I got it!” Pecky whispered and excited while he reaching the kitchen and push the door gently and peered through the tiny door gap. No one is in the kitchen but a lot of big jars which storing the lovely beer inside, They are all well manufactured and made a very fragrant taste.

“Huh? where is that old little fox?” Pecky wondered while his eyeball roll to look around the dim kitchen. A moment later, Pecky’s eyes stop at a trace of straight vertical light in distance, seems like a light is shining from the other side of a door and the beam filtered through the narrow gap.

“Oh! the chamber, guess the old fox must be here!” Pecky grope to the trapdoor and he is sure that Louis must be inside the chamber, evidently by the metal clang from beyond become clearly as he approaches the trapdoor.

Gently push the door open, a smell of blood stench struck Pecky’s nostril, like a slaughter house, shocked Pecky and wondered him if Louis is using a shit like a thingy to brew his beer. A staircase appear after the door has been open, dim stairwell with a light beyond, together with some metal clank, the lower Pecky descend, the stronger the unpleasant smell is.

“Oh Pack! what is Louis doing here, like a butchery.” Pecky shout in his heart.

“Chop! chop! chop!” Pecky heard a series of chopping sound as he descends. “Thud! Thud! Thud!” followed by a knocking sound.

“What’s that noise? the old cunning fox is chopping meat?” Pecky asked in his heart while creeping forward to the door side where the light is emitting from, craning his head and peek inside the room. The scene appear to be a slaughter house, with a lot of human corpse hanging upside down along the white square mosaic wall which has been spattering with blood, both fresh bright red and dried dark red, the stench is unbearable and Louis is standing next to a square firm wooden table at the center of the room, raising his chopper over his head and slash toward a corpse on the table, chopping down a head from the dead body, hence the head fell off the table and land on the floor with a thud, a roll or two to the entrance where Pecky is currently standing at.

The scene frightened Pecky and the smell nausea his stomach, surprise with that he just dig out the most frightened recipe in the world, subconsciously look at the head which rolling to the side of his feet, its head is rotten a bit and the expression of frightened still within. This rolling head jumped Pecky a bit and cause him to step backward, landing his luxury leather shoes on a mushy dark intestine next to him, step on it and sound a squish.

“Who’s there!” Louis yelling while turning his head to face as the entrance as long as Pecky stepped on the rotten mushy intestine, approaching quickly to the door with a bloody cleaver in his head, ready beside his face.

Pecky smells a rat upon seeing this, and quickly run up the stairs with his mouth covered. Just before he could reach the surface, he feels a sore at his back, so severe that stumble him on the stairs, then fall down with his heap knock at the sharp edge of the stairs and faint.

What is the ingredient for a beer?

“Chop! chop! chop!…” Pecky awoke by a series of chopping sound together with a sore at his back, open his eyes then squint his eyes as he looks at his bright smelly surrounding. He found himself is being tied up on a bench next to the table where Louis is chopping the dead body, Pecky surrounded by a lot of corpses, both female and male, hang from the low ceiling by meat hook and lying on the floor, piled up as high as a few feet from the floor. They are rotted while some of them are freshly dead, evidently, some of them are still dripping blood, although their skin is turning black, while others are just… rot, and releasing an unpleasant smell of “fermentation”.

Pecky is frightening by looking at Louis skillfully chop off the limbs of a dead body in front of him, disembowelling them, then dig out all the bloody intestine and other organ like liver and kidney, slam them on the floor at Pecky’s left with a satisfied thud, then drag the body away from the bloody chopping board and threw it on the mound of dead body at Pecky’s right, then dig out another fully rotten body to the table instead, begin to chop it into pieces then stuffed into a big jar near to the entrance.

“Bwahahaha… the 43rd jar of beer is now waiting to ferment…” Louis looks inside the jar and laugh with a satisfied tone.

“What!? this is how he make the beer!!” Pecky though about the beer he drunk in this morning which Louis offered him, Pecky vomit instantly on her thigh as he is tied up on a bench.

“Oh, you are awake!” Louis turn around when he heard a nasty vomit sound. “So, how do you feel? you just discovered the world number one of beer recipe.” Louis mocked.

“Oh god, please, I beg you, I won’t tell anyone, please let me go.” Pecky shivered, regain his conscious after vomited and begged.

“Are you sure?” The cunning Louis raises his brown and begins to walk toward Pecky. “Heh! I only believe the dead man could keep a secret, besides… what should I do for my 44th jar of beer if I let you go? I still need to find my ingredient, bwahahaha… Pecky, blame your own stubborn and your curiosity, you asked for it.” Louis lifts up the bloody chopper on the table and begins to approach to Pecky with a terror laughter.

“Ahhhhh~~~!!!!” A scream broke the silence of darkness before the sun could rise, but soon, the environment restore back to what it used to be, only Pecky is being chopped and wait to be fermented.

Two weeks later, the 44th beer is well manufactured, buyers still mad with it, buying it like robbing it.

Hehehe, you want some beer? it is cheap and nice flavor, ya want some?

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