Old Folks Town.

Old Folks Town.

Vex graduated from a second-rate university, he left his campus few days ago and he just got his job in the city. However, his wallet is a bit shame when he thought about to rent a room in city which is so expensive until a toilet size like room is cost about few hundred dollars a week, he tried his best to look for the cheapest one, as a result, he could only complain while looking at the room rent flyer, damn expensive!

“Oh! how about the suburb?” a suggest flashes in his mind suddenly when he is having a hard time to choose a room to rent in the city.” Yeah, why I didn’t think about to rent a room in village or town, well, maybe the distance between my workplace will become longer, but no problem, it is just temporary, I will move back to the city once I got some money after I work sometime.” Vex looked at the train station while planning his next move, bought a ticket then arrive into a suburb after an hour ride.

Lonely Town.

Oh! Wow! what a lovely, uhmm no, lonely place, it is a town surrounded by a mini mountain which covered by large old trees, A few dozens of houses stick together group by group, these houses seems like built before world war two because they look very old and feel like that will collapse at any time. Vex walk around the street in the village and doesn’t see any convenient store or market, not even a vending machine, upon seeing this, Vex feel like that he should look for another place, but if he try the next town, his transport fee will become another problem, so he decide to see the room around here first.

He saw an old man is sitting in front of an old house and the old man is smiling at him, Vex then walk toward him and give a greet then asking for the information about is there any room for rent in this area. The senior is very excited after listened to Vex, leading to the house that waiting for rent, open the door and let vex have a look inside. Two rooms, a kitchen, and a toilet, more than  100 square meters little house is only hundred dollars per month, yes per month. Upon hearing this, Vex is very happy with this old little shabby house and he feels that he is lucky to come here, accept the deal without any negotiation.


The same day, Vex help himself move into the house he newly rent, cleaning and settle down then sleep early at night because he needs to go to work at the next morning. At night, he had a dream, he dreamed that he is being pasted into the wall, a few shadows are handling bricks and pasting him with cement. His eyes have been removing and his tongue is being cut off, finally, his mouth is being stuffed by his own nose… . Vex has been frightened to awake from his sleep, sitting on his butt and breath rapidly, realize that is just a dream.

Vex went to work in the morning and he returns to his home before sunset, but the environment is a bit dark due to the light has been blocked by the dense large mini mountain trees. Vex begin to recall his nightmare he had yesterday as he approaches his new home, wondering why he had that sort of dream, strange. A white shirt man with a brown jacket and black trouser is brushed apart with Vex, the man stopped his step behind Vex, turned around to talk to Vex.

“Oh, hi, are you living around here? I never see you before.” The mystery man asked.

“Oh yeah, I just move to that house yesterday, I work in the city, nice to meet you. By the way, are you living in this town too?” Vex replied politely while pointing at the house he rent, few blocks away.

“Nope, I am a man like this.” The man speaking while showing his police batch. “Well, It is almost late now, don’t roam at night and be careful, ok.” the plainclothes police show Vex a thumbs up while walking away, but Vex catches up on him because he is curious.

“What makes a detective come to a place like this? something fishy happened to this town?” Vex asked with a low voice.

“Well, I am not sure, we have been reporting about the missing people, their parents and friends said that they had been here before they… well, vanished.” The police officer shrug. “Just go home and lock the door, stay safe.” The police officer moves on.

At the moment reach his home, he looked at the house he rent yesterday, looking at the upcoming darkness envelope the walls, his brain cannot stop recall his yesterday nightmare. Is there any relation between the people vanish case with this town? Vex has been told that the town today will undergo a night of the blackout, electricity will back again at dawn, so he took a shower and has his dinner then go to bed before the sky is totally darkening. Lying on the bed, Vex couldn’t fell to sleep as fast as usual because his brain is now stuffed with the mystery about this town and the conversation with the police officer. And now only he realize that the detective is the first young man he saw in this time, Vex has never see any young one in this town since he move in, although this is the second day, the old men in town are really creepy, always looking at him like a rare animal, perhaps Vex is famous in this town.

In the Darkness

Vex look at the wall opposite his bed, it is a blurred image in darkness, with a touch of brilliant moonlight, it seems covered by a layer of mystery. the moonlight clearly represents the glorious, but somehow, Vex’s heart is now filled with fear as long as he is looking at the light. A shadow appear after a blink of eyes, standing in front of the wall quietly, then begin to approach slowly as it walks, so light without a trace of the sound, so close until it bent down its waist to lean its face to Vex who is lying on the bed and startle.

“Oh Pack!” Vex is jumping with his waist on his bed, awake from his dream with a cursed, sweat is wet his back and his forehead, his chest tightens and heart is pounding real fast. look around the room, no sign of the human figure shadow. For now, Vex is lost his sleep, the two nightmares he dreams before is now echoing in his brain, he lies down again despite his sweaty wet body, covering his head with his quilt, listening to his own breathing sound, Vex is at the edge of collapse.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” A burst of knocking utter from the darkness and the source seem like from the inner wall. Vex is shocked by the unknown sound, he feels like his heart is being grabbed, hardly could breath and his face is turning pale overtime, trying his best to calm his breath, not to send out any extra loud noise. The knocking voice stopped after a moment, the room restore its usual silent, and strange, so quiet if Vex holds his breath, the breeze could be heard if there is any. Two minutes ticks by, the knocking sound doesn’t utter again, but it sounds again when Vex is about to take a deep breath.

“Bam! Bam! Bam” Vex gather his eyes at the door this time because the sound is obviously utter from the door now.

“Could it be the landlord grandpa? What brings him here at this time.” Vex slip down from his bed and reach his hand to the light switch, “tuck!” Vex forget that today the whole town is out of electricity. with the help of the minimal moonlight from the window, Vex gropes in darkness to the door and unlock the door.

The real nightmare

“Creak~~~” The door open, but he slams shut the door before the door is fully open, however, the door doesn’t shut completely as well because the gap is stuck by a few hands, a few old wrinkled hands. Vex push hard to shut the door with fear, he must shut the door no matter what, what have he seen? As mention before, the house is very old and shabby, not for long, the wooden door broke and fell in half, Vex tried to turn around and run to the window but he get stumbled and lie on his stomach by the shattered door, crippling his ankle, sore on his feet, fear envelope his heart, and panic flood his brain.

Vex whirl his head to look at his back with terror while he is still on the floor, outside, more than twenty old men is gradually walking into his room like zombies, all of them are wielding with sickle, axe, hoe, knife, hammer and so on, few of them even bring a lot of bricks, sand and a pack of cement which load on a trolley, parking outside the room.

The few old man on the lead begin to lay their hand on Vex’s limbs and drag him to the bed along with his struggling and screaming, the old men seem deaf, no response to the sound. Raising a knife on their hands then cut off Vex’s ears, while another one is using a sickle to dig out Vex’s eyes, and finally, they cut off Vex’s tongue, then the scream stopped, and a moan come instead. The old man like quiet, they don’t even want to hear a moaning, then they stuffed the ears, eyeballs, and the torn tongue back to Vex’s bloody mouth. At the wall opposite to the bed, another two old man is breaking the wall, shattered it and expose the empty part behind it, while another few old men begin to mixing the cement powder and water in the mound of sand, mixing them with a shovel with a clang.

When the hole on the wall is big enough to fit a man, the old man hoist vex up by an armpit and carry him to the broken wall and stuffed him inside, another two old man come by, with a hammer and a box of long nail in their hands, Hence they begin to nail Vex in the wall. Vex is very ill at this time, but he is still conscious, could feel the throbbing pain in his eyes, nausea at her broken tongue, sore at his ears, and stinging at his limbs while the old man nailing him in the wall on a brick.

Another few old man come by in the next few minutes, begin to handling the brick and paste with the cement mixture in front of him, attempt to paste him on the wall with bricks. Vex couldn’t see anything but he knows what is happening, just like what he saw in the nightmare, the shadows are pasting him into the wall…

The old village

A few weeks later, a group of police broke into a place called “the old village”, arrested all twenty-six old man and send them all to the mental hospital. When the police break the house which Vex used to stay within, they found a lot of corpses behind the wall, some of them severely rot until ghastly white bone were exposed, some of them are rotting, and there is one seems like just being pasted in recently. Same like other corpses, his eyes are being dug out, ears are being cut off, and his mouth is stuffed with his own torn tongue, eyeball, and ears.

( Loneliness can make one’s become crazy, with no children with them, these old men use their own way to leave those young one in the town, so the young one could accompany them. Be nice to your old man, don’t let them feel lonely. Happy parents day.)

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