Panic Campus Chapter 1

Panic Campus Prologue.

GreenVille is a sixty years old high school in a town, it is famous with its age and it feels like a growing campus overtime which took over the land beside it, crushed the house and wipes out any plantation on it, then built it a new part every few years. It was a small ordinary town school at the day it established which was surrounded by a lovely nature, filled with the singing of birds in the morning and chirp of crickets at night, developed into a great lovely campus which plant greens within and could hold up more than 6000 students at a time. Despite a few classroom buildings were abandoned at its corner, it is still a great campus come with various facilities and provide the best convenient for students. However, an old school like this must have a lot of creepy rumors or legends, doesn’t matter they are created for fun or really happened in old days, they thrive not only among freshman but also town folks, and changing their version in each generation, few have become more attractive as they changed, while few were forgotten as time pass.

Floppy is a first-year student of the GreenVille who underwent a series of exam then finally obtained a piece of a ticket to study in this school. She is a clever girl, loves to read weird things that she could get some idea for her pranks, her hobby is reading, writing, and collect funny garbage such as plush toy with angry mouth or an electric coca cola can. She is short with about 150cm or more in height, straight hair on her round cute cherry face to her shoulder, and dislike ponytail.

Floppy loves to hang in the big library in school since she is living in the school dorm and has no place to go either, after her lesson. But today, she will never know that her life will change by the way she never knows… .

Chapter 1: The Diary

Floppy found a strange book in her school library today, it is strange because it is an old diary without a cover and name, yellowish pages with tiny brown and black dot stained on it, pages were torn and bitten by ants or something, smells like a rotten wood and a layer of thin dust covered on the first page.

The library is a public area where such private possession shouldn’t be arranged on the bookshelf. The first few pages are like an ordinary diary, which recorded a lady’s daily life, however, the record followed by a very strange event, it is said that the owner of this diary and her friends learnt a way to rise a fairy from a senior students of this school who has been long graduated, the method is similar to “the pen fairies” in Asia, they played this game in the midnight, attempt to rise a fairy to seek what the fairy could offer even they don’t have enough information about the outcome, they only know that the fairy would bring them a good fortune. The recording end here and the following pages were left blank but an old black and white photo of a magic circle is hidden between the center pages. Floppy felt that this torn yellowish diary is somewhat exotic, could be a good source for her favorite creepy midnight mystery story writing, then she decided to bring it along with her since there is no library mark in this book, no one would know she took it from library, besides, this book is old enough to be thrown into an incinerator at anytime.


Floppy return to her dorm before the sunset, she could hear a loud laughter, gaming effect, and music before she open the door as she approached, two ladies inside the room were crazy with their MMORPG while another one is lying on her bed and reading her favorite romance novel, one of them waved at Floppy “Come on floppy! this bitch is annoying!” Puffy– the long straight red hair room leader was asking Floppy to join the game when She saw the door opened while pointing on her laptop screen. “Want some snack?”  Fluffy waived a few candies on her palm:”But you can’t eat my chips” she speaks again before stuffing a handful of potato chips into her mouth, crunch them then swallow into her fluffy tire like tummy. “Eww! no thanks” Floppy rejected Fluffy’s offer while proceeding to her laptop table, she had never been accepted any food from Fluffy as she doesn’t like how Fluffy act, Fluffy just ate too much. “Floppy! I believe you sure finished the homework already, could you borrow me your note to let me has a copy? please~” Softy hopped down from her bed then began her begging to her most dependent roommate. “Not this time Softy, do your own work, you sleep too much, is time to get up from your hibernating.” Floppy teased her while switching on her laptop and access to the game, in the end, Floppy still lend her notes to Softy, as she is not a cruel one. They are Floppy’s roommates, who only enjoy the campus life.

The time drifts through the evening then came to the night, the time they suppose to sleep because the school dormitory rule stated so, every light in the room should be switched off, otherwise, the dormitory manager would appear and make noise. However, Floppy and her company don’t feel like want to sleep now as their nerve were still remained active by the evening event, they were gathering at a round table with a table lamp on it, discussing what they are going to do next. Puffy suggest giving a shot of ghost story which they always to do.

” Aww~~~” a complaint uttered from Fluffy and Softy :”You really love this!” Softy threw her hand in the air then gently slap on her thigh.

“Guess I better go and sleep…” Fluffy is moving to her bed while replying, with a stick of chocolate wafer on her hand.

“Hey wait!” Puffy was Pulling Fluffy back to her seat with a whispered, before those ladies making more noise, Floppy fished out the diary which she found in the library this afternoon from her bag, put it on the table:” Guys I think you might want to see this” telling them about her finding. Puffy become excited when she saw the old diary shone under the table lamp, although she doesn’t know what it is at first.

“Wow, sounds like something creepy” Softy speak with her mischievous eyebrow lifted after they listened to Floppy.

“Let give it a try, rising a fairy doesn’t harm, who knew what it will offer?” Puffy spoke excitedly, turning back to her bag and fished out a pen and a compass then begins to draw the magic circle directly on the old diary.

” Who know what it will take from us instead,” Fluffy spoke with a timid voice while biting her wafer.

“Come on, it is just a fairy, or maybe it is just a lie, don’t you guys like this creepy mystery feeling?” Puffy urging everyone to get closer to the table after she finished the magic circle which is necessary for the ritual according to the diary. This time, everyone gets nearer to the round table without making any objection, maybe the curiosity has been triumph over a worried, Floppy join them too although she is not a brave one.

Except for the magic circle, each player needs to squeeze a drop of their blood on the diagram and need one person to chant out the incantation according to the diary “My sorrow is your fate, my happiness is your destiny, My tear is your hope, and my blood is your wish.” Puffy hold the diary on her hand while chanting the incantation, her voice soft like a whisper, hardly could be heard. Floppy doesn’t paid attention to the game as she always felt a gaze from her back, unpleasant and nervous, by the time she recovered, “Alright, the book said that we have to finish the game since we started it, one person stand for one day, we have four people and the game will end after day 4.” Puffy declared with a low voice.

Floppy and their company sitting around the table quietly after Puffy finishes her declaration, waiting for the fairy response. However, nothing has come as the clock ticked, no sudden wind blow as expected, no trembling. Four good friends looked at each under dim light emitted by the table lamp as the time passed as usual. Softy yawned as she was getting sleepy because she always sleeps early, Puffy also getting tired after half an hour since the ritual began, she looked at the clock before she stood up, dismissed the group while cleaning the table then went to her bed. Floppy took some time to fell asleep, she has a bad feeling about the ritual they did just now, wondering whether if she should show the diary to her friends, but what done is done, she urge herself to sleep now without thinking too much…

What happened?

“Ah~~~!!!!!…BAM!!!” Floppy awakes by a dreadful shriek, followed by a loud sound of door slamming. Floppy got frightened up then sit on her bed, looking down from her upper bunk bed, she saw Softy was crouching between the gap of the computer table, leaning her back against the wall, hugging her pillow firmly to cover her face and uttering the voice of sobbing while trembling.

“Oh dear, Softy are you alright!?” Floppy quickly hopped down from her upper bunk bed, run to Softy’s side and pat on her shoulder then try to calm her before finding out what happened. Softy cries with her face touching the pillow until she can’t say anything at first, but she is still able to lift up her arm and point at the bed under Floppy’s, where Fluffy was currently sleeping at. Floppy quickly whirl her neck and follow the direction of Softy’s finger tip, together with a bad feeling flashes in her heart, tighten up her chest. The next scene reflects in Floppy’s eyes shocked her to hopped backward then sat on the floor before she could stand on her feet.

Fluffy was lying on her bed with her pajamas, both hands were gripping the neckband of her pajamas and formed a massive wrinkles around it, as well as some scratches on her fatty neck, bulgy eyes while her mouth was widely open like something has been going through it or…? her legs were straight and stiff, motionlessly lie on the bed and a few candies scattered around her bed edge and on the floor. Her body faintly shows that she was shoving something away from her, then gripping her neck or her neck band, and she looks like she saw something horrible before she was gone, what actually happened?

“Oh! Oh! What the hell is going on!?” Floppy exclaimed with panic after collapsed on the floor, followed by Softy’s sobbing.

“Sob… I felt strange when I woke up just now, she doesn’t snore as usual and today she covers herself with a quilt, Sob… She never uses that as she always complains about hot. then I ….” Softy’s word swallowed by her sobbing before she could finish talking. Floppy can’t look at Fluffy for any extra second, she hugs Softy tightly to calm her cry while recalling the ritual they did at yesterday night wondering if it is related to Fluffy’s death, a bad feeling is flooding into her brain, telling her this is just the beginning.

A group of rushing footsteps approached to their room few second later since Floppy saw Fluffy’s dead, they are Puffy, their teachers, the dormitory building manager, the school nurse, and a few female students attracted by the screaming earlier. the teachers were urging those students nearby go back to their room or their coming lesson while the nurse steps into the room to check on Fluffy’s status, then sadly announced she is gone. Puffy was standing outside the door, lean backward against the wall with rolling tears in her eyes, trying her best not to let them shed.

The dorm manager did her best to clean the bed for them after Fluffy has been removed to the mortuary by the ambulance, the legal medical expert couldn’t explain how Fluffy die, the preliminary determination of her death is due to an extreme shocked and suffocation, further investigation would be launch in the mortuary if her parent agrees to the dissection.

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