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Who should I talk to if I want to Buy Insurance?

Yoko wants to insure a life insurance contract, according to the insurance law, the insurance contract for the insurer and the insured. But the insurance company is so big, what should be going to apply for insurance procedures? And Yoko has a good friend-Becky engaged in the work of insurance brokers, will the insurance contract works well if Yoko Buy Insurance through Becky?


The insurance law stipulates that the insurance contract is the contract that the insurer “applies” to the insurer and then “undertakes” the insurer. Therefore, in practice, the insured will be insured, the insurance company will first provide a warranty, let the insurer fill in all the information, such as personal information, physical condition and so on.

After filled in all the information, the insurer will sign or stamp the contract and submit to the insurance company. After that, the insurance company will send the insurance bill to the insurer, checked without mistake on the personal information and the bill comes with the sign of the insurance company. Then the protection begins.

First, the insurer or the insured directly to the insurance company insurance.

The insurer visits an insurance company, telling to the customer service to purchase insurance contracts. After familiar and understanding of the provisions of the insurance policy, if agreed to the insurance policy on the agreement, sign the contract, pay insurance premiums, then the insurance contract established, which is the most direct Methods to Buy Insurance. Of course, in modern days, there are insurance companies do their business through “direct marketing” or “internet”.

Direct marketing is the use of mail or newspaper, with a very simple text to introduce very cheap insurance. The insurance is also very simple way, you just need to fill in the information and mail back to the insurance address, and soon you can get the insurer’s response. The network is also a type of emerging insurance pipeline, but due to the provisions of the law, only part of the insurance products are complete, such as property insurance.

Second, through the insurance agent to get insured.

The so-called insurance agent, is under the agency contract or power of attorney, to collect premium from the insurer, also act as a business man. Their qualifications obtain, business permission and restrictions, are according to the Ministry of Finance promulgated insurance Agents, brokers, notaries of the provisions of the management rules.

After the insurance agency company has been approved by the competent authority, it can sign an insurance agency contract with the insurance company, perform the business on behalf of the insurance company, accept the insurance of the insurant or the insured, and conclude the insurance contract according to the relevant provisions. The insurance contract is deemed to be established after the insurance company has collected the insurance premium paid by the insurer or insured.

Third, through insurance brokers to insurance companies.

Insurance brokers refer to the interests of the insured, on behalf of the insurer to negotiate insurance contract. While receive commission from the insurance company. Qualification, business practice, permission, and restrictions, are same as insurance agents, shall be governed by the rules of administration promulgated by the Ministry of Finance. And such companies have to be approved by the competent authority to set up its main responsibility to replace the insured person to the insurance company to negotiate an appropriate insurance contract. The insured could also pay the insurance premium instead of the insurer, by going through the insurance brokers.

Fourth, through the insurance company salesman to the insurance company.

The insurance clerk, as stipulated in the Insurance Law, is a person who engages in insurance for insurance companies, insurance brokers, and insurance agents. Although the definition of insurance clerks is wide-ranging. Often refers to a clerk employed by an insurance company. Insurance clerk also participates in the salesperson qualification test, and the Association for registration, received the sales registration certificate, before they can expand the insurance business and their professional knowledge, experience in insurance for the clients.


As mentioned above, although the insurance law provides that the insurer should apply to the insurer for the establishment of insurance contracts. But not only directly to the insurer to negotiate insurance contract is valid. Therefore, the insurer can purchase an insurance contract through a broker or agent, depending on their needs and convenience. Therefore, if Becky has an insurance broker qualification certificate and performs its business in accordance with the management rules promulgated by the Ministry of Finance, the insurance contract entered into by Yoko through Becky is still valid.

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