Meiji Seika 明治製菓

Meiji Seika (明治製菓)

Meiji Seika is a sweet manufacturer in japan, established in 1916, has been famous among the residents of Japan for more than a century. Producing a great range of product, from chocolate cookies, snacks, dairy product, kitchen seasoning, and also fast food packs. From children to senior citizen, everyone could find their favorite product in the Meiji market.

“The professional of eating and healthy” is another name for Meiji. The sweet company also follow this mission and keep maintain their best products, and also develop their new products. In order to provide their every guest healthy and happy snack experience.

I love Meiji product and I will always buy some for my friends and family as a souvenir when I visit Japan. Not because the price is cheap, it is because of their lovely packaging and their special snack feature. The only thing you need to aware is the temperature, if you but Meiji chocolate product with you along your journey, be sure to chill it before enjoy because it will melt in under the foil, especially in the hot weather.


Meiji Chocolate Milk 明治ミルクチョコレート

The primary product of Meiji, Milk Chocolate bar.

The eternal pure chocolate and it is one of the signature product by Meiji. The chocolates are come in individual pieces and nicely wrapped with a golden foil. The chocolate itself is created by carefully selected materials, with an extremely strong flavor of cocoa and milk.

Meiji Chocolate Milk is nice to eat at just, you can also add it to your coffee so you can get a nice Mocha. Other than that, you can also use it in cooking such as making ganache or chocolate cake. No matter what, Meiji Chocolate Milk is suitable for any occasions.


Meiji Macadamia Chocolate 明治マカダミアチョコ

The most luxury product in from Meiji.

The secret of delicious by traditional roasting. Macadamia nut also knows as the King of nut, due to its luxury flavor and expensive price. Meiji has created another nut which is far more delicious than the Macadamia nut, that is the Macadamia Chocolate. The balance fragrance of the nut and the chocolate is confident of Meiji.

There is also the almond version in the market.


Meiji Chocolate Effect 明治チョコレート効果

The healthy product of Meiji, let you enjoy chocolate every day.

High cocoa polyphenols, Meiji Seika care about your health and beauty. Please enjoy the daily “Chocolate habit” with this authentic bitter chocolate. This product contains 72% cocoa and is suitable for those chocolate lovers who aware for their dieting. Love to eat chocolate but easy to gain weight? Then this is the best chocolate for you.

There is other 86% and 92% version, is totally bitter without sweet.


Meiji Otona no Kinokonoyama Takenokonosato 明治 大人のきのこの山たけのこの里

Another luxury pack of Meiji, can’t feel enough with these little things

Kinoko no yama (mushroom mountain) and Takenoko no sato (bamboo shoot village) are another signature product of Meiji. They are available in common pack and premium pack, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. All of them are sweet, even they all come with butter cookies.

Both Kinoko no yama and Takenoko no sato are produced in small pieces in a pack. They are the best sharing product in Meiji, buy this for your party or open house event, or just share with your family during afternoon tea.


Meiji Meltykiss 明治メルティーキッス

This is the Winter limited product. You may have it at other season but it melts fast.

Meiji Meltykiss is a special winter limited product. It remains soft in the fridge temperature and will melt fast at room temperature, that is why it is limited and best buy during winter.

Meiji Meltykiss is available in various flavors such as premium chocolate, fruity, matchavanilla white choco, rum and raisin, brandy and orange, and it also available in the party pack.

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