Otaru Former Temiyasen.

小樽 旧手宮線 (小樽) Otaru Former Temiyasen (Otaru). Otaru Former Temiyasen is the first and oldest railway in Hokkaido, the third

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Onze Harukayama Lily Park.

オーンズ春香山ゆり園 (小樽) Onze Harukayama Lily Park (Otaru). Onze Harukayama Lily Park is located in the east part of Otaru, in

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Marchen Crossroad & Orgel Hall.

メルヘン交差点&オルゴール堂 (小樽) Marchen Crossroad & Orgel Hall (Otaru). Marchen Crossroad & Orgel Hall are famous travel spots in Otaru. Marchen Crossroad

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Wing Bay Otaru.

ウィングベイ小樽&小樽港マリーナ Wing Bay Otaru & Otaru Minato Marina. Wing Bay Otaru Festival Center. Wing Bay Otaru is the one and

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35 Giant Meals Hokkaido.

Giant Meals Hokkaido. The giant meal is another attractive point to visit in Japan (at least for me). At here,

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